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Orthodox Conversion to Judaism

Convert to Judaism with
Rabbi Chaim Coffman

Get the guidance and training from an Orthodox Rabbi
and prepare for your conversion.

Rabbi Coffman provides an in-depth path to an Orthodox Conversion that is recognized by Beit Din worldwide for Gerim that want the Real Deal.

Rabbi Chaim Coffman
Rabbi Chaim Coffman,


It was truly a blessing for me to find Rabbi Coffman and start learning with him. He is very thorough and informative and covers all matters of Jewish orthodox life in detail, from the simple to the complex ones.Rabbi Coffman’s classes never failed to inspire me and make me laugh.He and his wife are very sincere and helpful people, and in my experience whenever there was any question or any situation i needed their advice or involvement – I just had to dial their number.

I wish them all the success and blessing in the world!

— Rachel U., NY

One of my big concerns when starting the path to conversion was to find the right teacher. A rabbi that loves Torah & doesn’t water down the mitzvot. A person with personality, knowledge, and real desire to see you succeed. When I found Rabbi Coffman, I found exactly that. He has called me to see how things are going and has been very fast about answering questions that I have emailed him. He conveys how much he wants me & others to succeed, but he isn’t hesitant to tell you that it isn’t easy. He has been a great blessing to me and I will always be grateful for the time, the teachings, and his sincere encouragement.

— Miriam, FL

We attended classes with Rabbi Coffman for over 2 years. It was a tremendous time of growth. Rabbi Coffman was always available to answer questions (no matter how silly or insignificant they seem to us). If he did not know the answer, he was quick to study the situation and provide us a answer (sometimes even going to his Rebbe, HaRav Sternbuch).He has been with us through the complete process of conversion, starting with our children and finally with us. He continues to be a faithful friend and mentor throughout the process and I would highly recommend him to anyone desiring conversion.

— Yosef Dovid and Ruchamah Leah