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Kabbalah Webinar


Kabbala Webinar

Hi Everyone,

Last night I had a great time presenting my first Kabbalah webinar on reincarnation and the soul’s journey in this world and beyond.

Here is the replay-you don’t want to miss it.

Make sure to listen till the end for a special offer for the next 48 hours. Here is the link for the page describing the offers:


Let me know how you liked the webinar. I appreciate your feeback!

Have a wonderful Shavuos!

Rabbi Coffman

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  • Yonatan says:

    Please learn how to spell the word Kabbalah.

  • Rabbi Chaim Coffman says:

    Thanks fixed it

  • karen says:

    Hi Rabbi Chaim the link only played 19 mins and then stopped am i doing something wrong

  • Tina says:

    Thank you

  • Shane says:

    Hi Rabbi, please could you also send me the original mp3?

  • Carol Gipson says:

    Greetings! I feel lost back in the USA! After living in Ramot Eschol for nearly a year and growing immensely I find myself stagnated from life back here. One year today. 🙁 I have just today been intoduced to this site and the wonderful potential for direction, growth and possibly conversion! I am confused though regarding teaching of Kabbalah for nonjews. I am surprised to find teaching available on this subject as I was told that gentiles are not allowed to learn of this. Would you please explain this as I truly am interested and desirous to understand yet I do not wish to “go where forbidden”! Consciously curious, cg

    • RabbiChaimCoffman says:

      Thanks so much for your feedback and glad you found my blog! Sorry to hear that you are feeling stagnating in the states. I know it is common after living in Israel to feel the letdown once back on American soil. I certainly should be able to help you with growth if you are interested. The class in Intro to Kabbalah I give is based on the book Derech Hashem (the Way of G-d) by Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto. It is steeped in kabbalah, yes but this book is not learned according to kabbalah. I am taking deep concepts and bringing it down to this world in a way for people to understand it and be inspired by it. It is things that everyone needs to know: the struggle we have every day between our good and bad inclination, what our purpose in this world is, how the nations fit in to the picture…prophesy…It is not a kabbalah class by any stretch and non-Jews are not being taught that!

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