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Mentorship Program


Many people embark on their journey to Torah Judaism with no knowledge or community connections. They often find themselves frustrated at the lack of support and struggle to learn on their own. Unfortunately, many get discouraged and the process takes years before they finally get through the process and convert through a Beis Din.
I created my mentorship program to meet the needs of these students. I become their sponsoring Rabbi and guide them through the process by connecting them to communities and a trustworthy Beis Din.

mentorship-networksMy mentorship program provides a comprehensive learning track for people who have embarked on the path to Orthodox Conversion to Judaism no matter where they live.

The program consists of bi-weekly classes via conference calls as well as full email and phone support for my students.

I am fully committed to giving my students the tools they will need to successfully enter the covenant of Abraham and to ensure that they have the ability and know-how to integrate into the Orthodox Jewish world.

It is not enough for me to impart book knowledge to my students. I truly care that each student understands the depth and philosophy behind each lesson and will not rest until he/she is fully ready to live a meaningful and inspirational Jewish life.

I will be happy to personally answer any questions you may have regarding the syllabus, payment and whether my mentorship program will be a good fit for you.
I look forward to meeting you and joining you on this exciting and life-changing journey!