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Parshas Emor: Belief in G-d creating the world and running it!

“And the L-rd spoke to Moshe, saying, ‘Speak to the children of Israel and say to them, ‘the feasts of the L-rd which you shall proclaim to be holy gathrings, these are my feasts” (Leviticus 23:1-2).

Rashi asks what is the connection between shabbos and the festivals here? It is there to teach you that anyone that desecrates the festivals it is as if they have desecrated shabbos as well and anyone that keeps the festivals it is as if they have kept shabbos as well. What is the deeper explanation here?

Rav Moshe Feinstein z”l in Drash Moshe explains that the purpose of shabbos is to give us proper belief in G-d that He created the world and is in charge and watches over everything in it. Therefore anyone who desecrates shabbos it is as if they deny G-d created the world.  The festivals teach us that G-d runs the world Himself and He can change nature when He feels like it like when He saved the Jewish people from the Egyptians.

By taking us out of Egypt G-d strengthened us under the clouds of glory when we were in the desert by sustaining us and taking care of all our physical needs. He then gave us the Torah and mitzvos so that we would go in the proper path and live the way He wants us to! The Torah also tells us that to have belief in half a thing is worthless.

This means if a person believes that G-d created the world but He gave other forces like angels the ability to run the world it is as if he does not believe in creation at all! Man will then think that since there are  other forces that run the world there is no reason to keep the Torah or its mitzvos. This is how the Rambam explains at the beginning of the law of idolatry the mistake that Enosh and his generation made. This led them to forget about belief in G-d at all and therefore one who desecrates the festivals is as if they have desecrated shabbos.

This is the reason that shabbos is placed here with the festivals because if a person would believe that G-d created the world but placed other forces in charge of running the world, they would should realize that both go hand in hand. This means that it is crucial to believe that G-d runs every aspect of this world and nothing happens without Him because even if they believe that G-d created the world, they deny His role in it!

This will result in a person denying as well that G-d gave the Torah from heaven to Moshe and to the rest of the Jewish people. As we can see, even on a simplistic level, belief in G-d creating the world and how He runs it is such an important tenet in Judaism that without that, they will deny He gave the Torah!

May we all merit to have the proper perspective on Torah and be able to pass on its timely message to our children and family!

Shabbat Shalom

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